Saturday 8 July 2023

Hot ride to Holt

Thanks to Jean for the blog title today, and it was indeed very hot.  After last month, today was less sun but very humid, with a threat of thunderstorms later.  This may be why rider numbers were low, but we have all agreed small numbers are so nice as you get to chat to everyone.

We opted for the selfie group photo today, before we set off - in one group (also quite nice!), and pottered along to Hoole Lane, where Karen was having an issue with her gears.  She chose to turn back, leaving just the five of us to carry on to Holt.  Malpas had been billed as the destination, but we all agreed earlier this week to pull the distance back.  I have not been riding for the last six weeks, so it was my first time back out on two wheels, and very lovely it was too!

We were having discussions about which cafe to go to, as Cleopatra's as we know it has closed for the time being.  However, there are several cafe's between Holt and Farndon, so we felt assured there would be somewhere.  In the end we agreed to try Maggies, which is just on the corner of the same triangle as Cleopatra's.

On our way to Holt we were passed by a large group of chaps, on bikes, with just the last one with a number on his back.  This seemed curious - if it was a road race, they would all have numbers; or if it was a time trial they would not be allowed to ride in a bunch.  The mystery deepend as we continues alog the long straight Rossett Road and saw a hand made sign which read 'Good Luck Sean'.  I pondered if this was related to this group, but it did not explain the phenomenon.

When we arrived in Holt, a large group of cyclists were gathered at The Cross, and we realised it was the same ones.  After I put my order in, they had departed, but a chap with an apparent sag wagon was still there.  He explained what was going on.

Chris (I looked him up later) told me it was an Iron Man world record attempt, and Sean has now done 90 days of Iron Man triathlons every day since the middle of April.  That is a 2.4 mile swim in Mold baths every day, followed by a 112 mile cycle, following the same route which doubles back through Holt several times, and then running a marathon from Deeside up and down the Greenway. Repeat.  You can track him and read about his other adventures here  Quite amazing.

Here they come...

He's hiding at the back

Still hiding!

That is Sean at the back. Hard to capture!!

After this excitement, we set off back home via Farndon, and Saighton.  

Loop around the back of Churton


Caldy Valley Nature Park

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