Saturday 11 March 2017

A bit of knowledge sharing

One of the (many) benefits of group rideing, and belonging to a club of like minded cyclists, is the range and wealth of experince and knowledge we have, and are willing to share.  Any club will do this, and the Fab ladies is not an exception.

This month I took the beginner/ slower / shorter riders, but this is not to say necessarily all inexperienced.  

Let me start - as you know I like to do - at the beginning.  34 ladies congregated in the cafe, brimming out of the door such was the popularity! There are hints of spring in the air, snowdrops are still out but the daffodils, crocuses and blossom have joined the floral decor of the lanes.  After storm Doris just over a week previsouly, some tree damage was still apparent but did not hinder our way.  Sadly the weather was not spring sunshine, but it seemed brighter that previous months, and slightly milder.  Certainly dry, always a bonus!

Obligatory photo completed (I am going to start having to take a panorama shot, if I knew the ladies would stand still long enough!), and a few words about group riding, as we sent off the faster then regular groups.  Our usual preferred maximum of 10 per group was slightly exceeded as we were just a few riders over, so the FF group set off with 12, and Linda with the regular and my shorter both had 11, but still manageable.  Some ladies were realising they will have to sign in earlier to be sure of their chosen group!

Christleton Pond

My plan was a 9 mile straight forward (for me) trail out to the selected cafe, Old Ma's at Manor Farm near Tattenhall.  I had not had chance to phone ahead, so Helen very kindly took on that task, whilst I attempted to call some order together!

Louise with some daffodils
On our ride out, Sheila commented that she could not change into her top gear.  At an opportune moment when the group was stopped, I explained about gears a little, to remind not to have in a high gear at the front chain ring and low at the bottom or vice versa - and that low at the front is a small cog as opposed to low at the back which is big.  Obvious to those familiar with their bikes, but not really if you have not been told!  We also talked about the small screws on gears at the back and front, that adjust the amount the gears move across - meaning you may not be able to get that top/bottom gear.  A small adjustment is all you need.

Check out this useful link if you need to adjust or check your gears.

Sue, who has had experience with Chester Tri Club, suggested finding a quiet and straight road, to play with, practice and become familiar with your gears. Sometimes more is less, change down one gear to make pedaling easier - and actually faster!

Anyway, mechanical lesson over, we continued on our way, ending in the cafe.  As we do.

We returned via Bruera and Saighton, allowing me a peek at my favourite view, across to the Welsh hills via Eaton Tower.  Based on The Houses of Parliament or so I believe!