Monday 26 December 2011

Boxing Day Bash 2011

I will admit it is quite hard to drag yourself out of bed on Boxing Day, especially at 8am in order to catch the best of the day and be back early enough!  But that is indeed what a few ladies (and Tim and Dave mostly of Wednesday evening rides fame) did!

We have not managed the Boxing Day bash for a few years, due to snow and ice.  So, it was lovely to revive the tradition.  Four of us set off from Hoole down the Greenway, picking up Jo on the way.  We use a very straightforward route direct to the Railway Bridge where it croses the Dee, where we stopped for a photo and to soak up some of the warm but watery sun.

Boxing Day at Shotton Railway Bridge

Waves up the river

We then head back up the riverside path to Chester.  We had sun, but it was also very windy. however, we were fortunate to not be plagued by too much of a headwind, although we had a wonderful tailwind on the final approach into Chester - also causing huge waves along the river!

Blue Moon Cafe

Our ways parted by the Old Dee Bridge, but the ladies took the opportunity for a final coffee stop at the Blue Moon Cafe, before heading home to get the families up and moving!

18 miles.

Saturday 10 December 2011

Pilgrimage and puncture!

A sea of yellow!
 Despite some tremendous winds and rain and hail for most of the week, Saturday morning again dawned with blue skies and sunshine.  It was not warm, .9 degrees Jo informed us as we gathered at the cafe.

8 of us rallyed round and set off up the Greenway - but we only got as far as the bridge when Lesley informed us that her tyre was flat.  "I don't know what to do" - so we all took a job and helped her change her tube in no time (with a running commentry!).

looking more like a wrestling match than fixing a puncture!
After that we were in the sunshine and into the lanes round Guilden Sutton to cross the A51.  Straightforward route to Walk Mill, where we were welcomed as always by Caroline, serving scones, cakes and toast.  After further purchases of flour and bread (Linda brought her saddlebag especially so that she could get a loaf!), we headed back towards Waverton.
Walk Mill

A little parting of the ways meant that 5 of us left Waverton, and crossed the A41 to go to Saighton and in Huntington, much to the annoyance of a bus driver, who told us we should not be two abreast.  (I have news for him and have been in touch with the council!).

A sunny 16 miles.