Saturday 13 August 2011

Clockwise round Beeston

Fabulous Flowers!
You can tell it is August by the clouds of impending doom!  I love our summers!

Eight of us mustered by the cafe, Terry was again coerced into taking our photo - well actually, he was lurking by the door as I think he quite likes to take our pics!

I could hear magical music coming from someones bag as we were about to leave - then realised it was my own phone (I think someone has tinkered with the ring tone as I did not recognise it). we were ready to leave, and I could not work out my voicemail, so left it (but put the phone in one of my back pockets in case it rang again.)

We headed out via Llittleton and Christleton, past the Crocky Trail and out via the 50p shop, to pass through Huxley and finally to Tiverton, where we dropped down the hill to the Lockgate Cafe, near Beeston.  A very friendly welcome was swiftly followed by bacon butties, drinks and cakes.  This was even more quickly followed by the arrival of some of the North End (Racing club from Birkenhead) - one of which was the boyfriend of one of the ladies.  what can I say!  they were very co-ordinated as usual, but we are too cool to be bothered by that!

Overlooking canal and lock
 We finally dragged ourselves away from the decked area and up the hill towards Beeston Castle, where we turned right (avoiding the sandstone trail ramblers!) to enjoy the views towards Tarporley and dropped round Beeston hill.  Ah! my apologies if the title to this post is misleading - we didn't actually go around  Beeston!  Never mind, we can do that another time!

We headed directly back past the ice cream farm, and Martins Lane to pick up the canal in Waverton. 

Beeston Castle
 Despite the clouds it did not rain, and we accomplished a not insignificant 28 miles by the time we got back to the cafe!

Apologies to Nicola, who was trying to ring me as we left.  Not only had she had a dash to local bike shop on discovering a puncture that morning, but she also took a wrong turn coming out to meet us!  Never mind, see you next month!

8 riders for the eighth month!