Saturday 12 August 2023

How to avoid a headwind

Aug ride was quite a nice day weather wise, but with quite a strong wind, which was likely to be in our faces.  A small turn out again, with no cafe as they are closed through the summer on Saturdays as they do not have enough volunteers.  Kingsway still have the flags up since the Coronation, which feels like a lifetime ago!

The initial plan was to head to Waterways garden centre near Wrexham, as we have not been there since July 2017; however due to my recovery and the weather, we agreed to have a shorter ride to Rossett, which would give us another new cafe (always a bonus!)

So we bimbled out on the Greenway to Blacon, and for a change came off and dropped down Western Avenue to Sealand road and picking up Ferry Lane.  This is a very awkward turn, and by now it has decided it will rain a little heavier so I donned my waterproof.  By the time we got to the bridge though that had come off again!

Over the river and railway, I chose another different approach to the 'Broughton Straight', and stayed on the right side which now has a cycle lane nearly all the way.  This means you do not have to re-join the main road at Bretton, and can stay on until Broughton Park.  At this point the cycle path unceremoniously dumps you back on the carriageway (but facing oncoming traffic, so I guess we should not do that) - I instead kept us on the footpath which worked a treat and got us to the lights before the big roundabout where we could cross, and then pick up the back lanes again to Bretton.

Round to Kinnerton, and turning off I paused so the group could catch up after the last junction.  Mary told me she did not wish to go 'up there' meaning straight on, as she thought it was a long and big hill; however I highlighted that the alternative (Stringers Lane) is a notoriously long road, and would be directly into the wind.  Mary relented as she realised it was not the hill she thought it was, and we all set off.

Exploring these lanes did indeed help us avoid the wind, and after the initial climb we had a joyful up and down route through Golly and into Burton, crossing the level crossing into Rossett and the cafe.

We were able to sit outside, and after refreshments we headed back fairly directly along the Old Wrexham Road

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