Tuesday 14 August 2012

Two for one

After a discussion whilst away on Anglesey with Welna, I was persuaded to try a few rides with two options - a normal pace and distance with an option of a 'further faster' route ending at the same place.  August was the first month for this trial.

Welna with her group, giving instructions.
We met at the cafe, but this time two name sheets went round.  Welna and I delivered the 'talky bit' as I call it, reminding about safe riding in a group, communication etc, before waving the 'faster further' group on their way (led by Welna).

My group - 'normal' ride (not shorter or slower!!!!)
After a quick photo it was time for us to leave too, carefully picking an alternative way across town so as not to meet again and get muddled.

It actually worked quite well and neatly - with us both having about 8-9 riders,which is much more manageable and therefore safer.

Small lane from Broughton, note windsock to right of centre
We followed a fairly standard route down Lache Lane to Bretton, crossing behind the shopping estate and through the streets of Broughton (I know it well as I used to live there); finally crossing the main road to follow a super quiet little lane, quite a suprising find for some.  It lines up nicely with the runway, too.

A final spurt on the main road and we could see the 'further faster' group just ahead, so that worked well. 

We took up two tables sitting outside, and much tea coffee and cake was consumed.  Of Course!

Taking our positions outside the Farm Shop Cafe at Hawarden

Heading back all together now, we dropped down the lane opposite the cafe entrance, to the Sandycroft road, and right heading towards the huge hangers of the Airbus factory.  We lost a few by the Saltney Ferry bridge crossing, and both sides, and a few more as we came into Chester along the river.  All planned, I hasten to add!

17 ladies, 21 miles (24 FF)

Further Faster route, http://www.mapmyride.com/workout/165313189 (Thanks to Jo-anne)