Saturday 12 November 2022

Another new cafe for November

 This month felt like we were getting a little more back to normal, although numbers are still down to what we had pre-pandemic, there are some familiar and regular faces coming out now.

This month is our eighth new cafe for the year, bringing our total of all cafe's visited to 67.  Just around Chester, not including weekends away.  Twelve of the
cafe's have now either closed or re-opened with a new name.  

So, as it is November and you cannot be sure of the weather PLUS people have started Christmas shopping in earnest, our chosen cafe was a little closer to home (Aldford).

Unlucky for some 13 turned up, but Sarah met us at Aldford so that evened numbers a little.

What can I say?  The weather was kind, we enjoyed a sociable amble out, and the trees still had fabulous autumn colour.  

And then we filled the cafe on our pre-booked table, enjoying coffee and cakes.

I do have small portable tripods, so I really should start to carry one.  Or my Selfie Stick! Had to make do with balancing my camera on a table.  

And then we headed home (I did offer to take a long route home, but it was unanimous to head straight back).  So I caught a few at the top of Saigton Hill.

(I wish there was an easier way to set my photo's out with Blogger!)