Saturday 14 November 2009

November Big Cakes

A suprising seven ladies joined me on the 14th November, braving the threat of rain.  They weren't suprised, but I was!
The weather - a usual conversion point - was kind to us initially.  Black clouds did not deter us as we wound our way through to Boughton and then dropped to the river.  We followed the river bank as far as we could to Saltney Ferry Bridge, where we crossed over.  By now slight precipitation was apparent, but undeterred we continued on the back road around the Airbus factory.  I think the usual jolly converation spurred us on - although we had to stop while Angela put on her waterproof legs. 
Some slight gaps appeared as we climbed the only hill of the day, which led us directly opposite the cafe (Hawarden Fam Shop).  I thought I had fairies with me, but I realised it was my phone (I am not stopping on a hill to answer THAT!!!).  It was Welna who had come out to meet us.
The cafe was very busy on account of a foody festival - but we found space to sit together and enjoy our well earned refreshments.  If you were not there you can only dream of the cakes we had the choice of! 
Proper rain as we left the cafe.  Not mist, not drizzle, not even spitting - but proper fat heavy rain, as we descended the only hill of the day.  One sometimes wonders if flippers would be more appropriate!
However, despite getting well, yes, OK we were very wet - the rain did stop as we reached the bridge and crossed back over the river and headed towards Sealand Road.  The Christmas shopping traffic had backed up already, but we crossed over and cut through to Blacon and up the other only hill of the day.  With some navigational assistance from one of our newest members (Thanks Susan!) we picked up the cycleway and returned to the cafe.
A decidedly soggy 19 miles today!
I'm sorry there are no photos - my husband had my camera in Poland!  I'm not sure anyone would have appreciated me taking photos on this ride - they never do at the best of times.  As for evidence of the big cakes - you will just have to come next time we go there!