Saturday 12 April 2014

Brakes, Bridges and Blossom

My 100th Fab ladies blog post!

I arrived at the cafe a little later than the 1/2 past I had intended - to find everyone sitting down nice and quietly (it can sometimes get a bit hectic on a Saturday as everyone arrives!).  Kath and Welna led the further faster group off, followed by myself and Jo-Anne with the regular pace - Nicky and Gill had a few slow and steady riders.

Regular ride - we set off up Kingsway/Mannings Lane, to cross at the lights and have a nice downhill.  We had a short stretch of A56 (quite a quiet main road usually) but one new rider appeared to be struggling.  After we turned into the lanes I invited her to ride 'up front' as this can help to set a pace a slower rider can manage but also is not as demoralising, trying to catch up a group.  But we could hear something rubbing, and realised that her brakes were catching - and she was effectively riding with her brakes on!  We stopped, and I loosened off the brakes (sounds scary, but as long as you tighten the nut after loosening the cable all should be good!)  and much improvement was noted!
Heading through Kelsall

I picked a slightly circuitous route via Ashton and Kelsall, with a couple of climbs - but this also gives smashing views  across Cheshire to the Welsh Hills.  Then we dropped to Duddon and came in the back of Okells.

Wow! New cafe!  - we have been here a couple of times before, but last Wednesday they opened their now extended cafe.  Very nice, and very efficient (which was a good job as I only managed to phone them that morning!!)

Suitably refreshed, the further faster lot went off, and I took the regulars along the Gowy bridges (as it had been dry but this route also offers shelter from the slight headwind).  Mandatory stop for photos on the bridge - not actually my idea, I must add!  The steady group caught up with us, so more pics!

A lovely spring feel to the air, trees in blossom Rape fields just coming out.  And a nice warm up for the Spring 50 tomorrow (see Chester CTC Blog)