Saturday 10 November 2012

30th New Cafe for November

I am a very sad person, and keep meticulous records on an ever expanding excel sheet about who came on which ride, which cafes we have been to - and when, and sometimes how many miles each person has ridden (seriously must stop some of this!)

'Flat Chat' group headed by Welna
So I can categorically state that today marks the 30th different cafe we have visited on Saturday morning ladies rides.  This does not include the cafes we have found in Shropshire and Derbyshire on ladies weekends, or ones further afield when we have been on other cycling events.  I am quite impressed, anyway!

'Further Faster' led by Sue this month

The November weather in the week preceding this Saturdays ride was descending into winter rapidly, gloomy - wet - cold.  So it was with joy on Friday night when I sneaked a peek at the BBC weather forecast, to see sunshine; and then with delight when the day did indeed dawn with blue skies and bright sunshine!

 This month I asked people to arrive between 9:30 and 9:45, to allow for signing in and also to meet inside as it gets colder (and therefore maybe buy a tea  or coffee, as the cafe is so good letting us congregate once a month!).  But I had quite a bit of paperwork - sign in sheets, Christmas list, club top and get well card - so still late leaving!

Terraced streets of Hoole
Welna headed north on the Greenway with the Flat Chat group, and I headed south with the Faster Further.  By the time we had wendled through Hoole, Boughton and out time was a-ticking!  Nice blast out to Saighton (although the road does a sneaky tilt just as you approach the junction).  We waited a few moments for all to catch up,then headed to Waverton,cross the A41, and on past the crocky trail (with a brief stop as I had forgotten where I was going!).  At one point when we re-grouped, I suggested that we did a 'breadcrumb trail' - if you know that there is someone behind you, but they are not in sight, one person waits at the junction where the group turned off.  This can continue and means that the group is not stopping each time there is a turn, if everyone is not up.  

On through quiet country lanes to cross the A51 near Tarvin, and then to Oscroft.  By the time we reached little Barrow, I was down to half my group, hoping that my breadcrumb trail would work!  Near Manley we turned left, and headed up to Dunham Hill, then down to the A56.  A group of us were there, and the cafe was only 1/2 mile - but by the time Jo and I reached Cafe Fresh, there was no-one else in sight!

Faster end enjoying a range of goodies!
Fortunately the breadcrumb trail was successful and everyone arrived at the cafe, stowed our bikes in the back yard (kindly opened up by the owner, Phil), and were soon queuing up for refreshments.

The return journey if taken directly was quite short.  The Ellesmere Port and North Wales contingencies set off that way, and the rest of us headed towards Chester on the A56, turning on the B road to go through Barrow and pick up footpath on the A51, swing in to Guilden Sutton and then the Greenway.  All in the most glorious sunshine with golden trees still adorning the roadside.

17 riders, 20 miles (25 FF miles).