Saturday 12 September 2009

Lunch in Dodleston

Todays ride was unusual as it was planned to be a full day rather than the usual morning. We were blessed with the most fabulous sunshine, and four ladies met myself and my girls at Kingsway cafe. After a little deliberation with a bike pump, and an emergency dash home to collect my track pump, we were able to leave through the streets of Hoole.

We followed the canal for a short while, then dropped to the river and up through Handbridge to pick up the 'Dukes Drive'.

We were heading for the Red Lion in Dodleston, to meet up with some other local CTC cycling groups in the area. we sat outside in the sun and with a few inquisitive wasps.

The return journey back through Westminster Park picked up part of our outward route, so we headed down to the meadows and caught the ferry at Sandy Lane. unfortunately, much to the dismay of my girls, we did not linger at the water park, but headed up through Great Boughton to return to the cafe.

A Leisurely 20 miles today.