Saturday 14 May 2016

Memory Lane

There are many unusual names to the lanes we spend our time riding around, and you do wonder what the meanings may be.  Chapel Lane, Mill lane and Station Lane are probably quite clear; Platts Lane means a wet meadow which was one we used....but I am ahead of myself!  There should be a few more 'memory lane's' around, as sometimes our rides take you to places you have not been for a long time.  Today was Cath's first ride with us, and as we approached the Candle Factory, she relayed how, as a youngster growing up in Tattenhall she remembered the lady who set up the Candle Workshops, and how they used to help her make candles in her kitchen.  That was in the 1970's, and I remember the workshop from the 80's.

First off, coffee and chat in the cafe.....

After quite a few wet days this year, last weekend was particularly hot and humid, but today was sunny and bright, but quite chilly especially out of the sun.  after signing in and the mandatory group photo, Alex led her faster group off and Welna led her regular riders, leaving me with a small group happy to bimble along.

My group followed a fairly straightforward route out to pass the Ice Cream Farm, we had a short pause here to take off garments as it was such a lovely day.

Between Christleton and Waverton

Platts Lane, as mentioned!
We had the final climb up through Burwardsley, to the candle factory, with fabulous views back over to Liverpool and North Wales.  Photos speak for themselves...

We were later than most to arrive, and had to take our bikes through the workshops and cafe as the gate was padlocked.  But we were able to sit outside in the glorious sun (as long as you were in the sun, as I say it was still a bit chilly!)

Waving goodbye to all as we head off left and down Barracks Lane

We set off down, down and down again, passing Burwardsley church and retracing where I went left instead of right!  More down, really letting rip, and some competitive jostling on the final slopes!