Saturday 8 April 2017

Blue skies and picnics

April in Pictures - as I got behind with my blogging:

April gatherings with stunning blue skies!  Leaves just appearing on the trees, and early blossom.

We headed across town via canal and river, 

I rather like taking pics along the canal, and today was no exception.

Crossing the Change Bridge, we headed to the river, through a little door in the wall.

Its not too early for shorts with this sunshine!

Second water crossing of the day, over the Dee.

After heading to Hawarden, we skirted the lower hills, 

Killins Lane, a small quiet lane that links Higher Shotton to Wepre, and specifically for us Wepre Park, crossing the Wepre Brook at the bottom.  My friend calls this 'wet lane' as it is always 'wet'!  It may be locally known as this too.

Another ladies ride, another cafe, our first visit to Old Hall cafe in Wepre Park.  

Perfect for picnicking!

Leaving Wepre Park we were able to pick up Route 5, which brings us nicely to the river path and an easy return to Chester.

A chance to have a photo with the Flint Bridge in the background.

Nearing Shotton Railway Bridge