Saturday 6 February 2010

Foggy February and First Signs of Spring?!

As ten o clock came and went more and more of my fabulous ladies arrived at the cafe.  It was difficult to see them until each one came within twenty yards of the window due to the thick fog!  Only one lady needed convincing to come for the ride, with a promise of bright sunshine later - honest!

We set off up the cycleway towards Mickle Trafford, all chattering gaily as usual.  Left on the A51 (on the footpath because it is a horrid road) and left at Stamford Bridge to climb into Barrow.  When I say 'climb' it is but a gentle tilting of the tarmac really.

Down a few misty lanes, with a small detour to see a couple of farms.  Some may think I was lost, but it was really a deliberate plan.  :-D

A small re-trace brought us back on route and more quiet lanes.  After passing a couple of horses, we arrived at Manley Mere and the Crazy Chameleon Cafe.  WHAT a smashing cafe! - we sat around the table that was on fire - perfect amount of seating for the 16 of us - and the chocolate cake (Wicked Chocolate Cake) is HIGHLY recommended!!

After out sociable break we emerged outside into bright sunshine (I told you so!) and tranquil lake.  Stunning actually.  Moira, Lesley and Kris headed straight back, Flo turned her front wheel to Helsby and home, and that left 12 of us to explore Dunham-on-the-Hill and its duck.  A sneak down a no entry and a zig via Wimbolds Trafford brought us back to the A56, along which a short ride was unavoidable.  Then we climbed up the back of Mickle Trafford before arriving at the outskirts of Chester and all spilt our various ways.

This month was 22 miles, I think (my bike computer batteries are dead, need new ones!)