Friday 11 May 2018

Two for one

Post was written at the end of July, so it is mostly photos - and not all mine!

We had about 30 riders, and four new faces.  The sun was out, and shorts are appearing at last!  The long winter may now be behind us!

St Albans, Tattenhall

Rick's group

Cheryl's group, as she practices the art of over-the-shoulder photos! 

Heading out on the Greenway

A certain corner near Burton has
a gorgeous pond and black swans

Love the fox and rabbit on this thatched roof!

Sat outside at the cafe

The reason for the lack of my photos is that I had not taken many on our way out, and we had a small incident where a wheel touched the wheel in front.  This caused a spill, and some consternation.  We picked her up, and in the end I walked with her to the cafe, as we were only about a mile away.  This was we could sit safely and in comfort and await collection.

A fall will cause embarrassment, if you are not seriously hurt.  However, adrenalin kicks in, and what you think may be bruising or a sprain, may be a fracture, so it is wise not to continue riding.  However, it also highlights that the emergency contact details we ask for at the start of the ride need to be someone who can come or arrange for someone to come and pick you and bike up.

Thankfully the lady was not seriously hurt, but muscular sprains did keep her off the bike for several months.

I rode the route the week before, it was a sunny day and Cheryl was doing a reccy for her route, so a few of us joined her - here are some photos from that day - blossom and sunshine!

Beeston - in case you were wondering!

With Laura - cyclist and new owner.