Sunday 10 October 2010

The Hills of Hawarden

I know the title sounds ominous, but always remember that what goes up must come down!!

Gathering of the Girlies

With autumn here and trees a-changing, I thought it would be nice to head for the woods, and a new cafe for the group in Hawarden.  14 ladies gathered at the cafe in Kingsley, but with new faces and old friends we were a little delayed in leaving.  We negotiated Hoole and Boughton, dropping to the river and crossing the Old Dee Bridge.  A little drier than the last time we came across (see Aug blog post)!

We then took a turn to Nowhere (a fact I think missed most ladies - next time I will stop for a photo!)  The track along the river here is still a little muddy and undeveloped - but council plans are to improve this, so I look forward to re-visiting Nowhere another time!

Climbing The Warren
Leaving Chester down Lache Lane, we were harangued by a series of hay (?) tractors until we picked up Welna at Gorstella. Bretton, Broughton and up the Warren, to much dismay!  but we re-gathered at the gate and continued over the top, to then descend a super if not very potted road to the main road.  Unfortunately we had a final up, but not until a descent through Tinkersdale.

Negotiating the gate in Hawarden woods
Riding through Hawarden woods

The cafe (Gallery Tea Rooms) was fortunately larger than I remembered and were also very accommodating, and welcomed us all in!  less cakes today and more bacon butties and teacakes were consumed before the all downhill (completely brilliant!) return to the river and Chester.

20 miles