Saturday 18 July 2020

Birthday Belle

Everything stopped in March, there was a worldwide pandemic (Coronavirus), we have isolated, social distanced, washed and gelled our hands, wiped down handles and equipment, worked from home and all sorts.  

Cycling in groups also stopped, and although there was a huge increase in cycling (you were allowed to go out to exercise for half an hour or so at first) it was solo riding or with members of your household.

Lockdown restrictions are now however beginning to ease.  Shops opened, with mitigation's (distance, masks and handgel), pubs and restaurants finally reopened at the start of July, and some cafes are also back open.

Against this backdrop, Janet from our sister group the Bicycle Belles, invited me with a couple of others to join her for a little ride today for her birthday.  The weather was not inviting, but despite damp drizzle I donned my waterproof and made my way to the Boat Museum.  

No photos I'm afraid of the tiddley baby moorhens, or fluffy large teenage moorhens, or the heron, who stood steadfastly by the side of the canal, even as I carefully passed him.  What a magical experience!

Socially distanced photo.  Yes I am very grey ('Lockdown hair'!)

Janet arrived with Sonia and Ruth, and after a chat and a photo (sporting their new Belles tops - even more purple than the originals!), we set off back along the canal.  Mr Heron had left now, and we also left the canal to follow route 56, where we basically made for the Burleydam Garden Centre cafe.

The return journey was shared for a few miles, through Childer Thornton, but we split shortly after that, as Sonia and Janet headed up the Wirral, and I returned via Oaks Farm, Ledsham and Capenhurst.

Janet had mentioned there was a scarecrow festival in Capenhurst, so, despite the rain I stopped and took a few pics of the installations.

Of course

Note the little doors in stump!

fishy theme

Litter picker? Is this saying he is a fruitcake?!

Corpse Bride, and what looks like
the baby from Fairy wash up liquid!

Back to the Future I think

I also noted a carved tree stump - with lots of forest animals and the mandatory owl.

Foxy, looking up (and hedgehog poking out)


The artist

I also took a couple of photos to send to Janet of the Pinfold, as she claimed she had not seen it before!

I was wet (damp) but not as bad as I thought.  Nice to get home and have a shower though - and think how I will enjoy my next sunny ride!