Wednesday 18 December 2013

Last windy ride of the year

It's December, nearly Christmas, so it must be time to make our annual pilgrimage to Walk Mill near Waverton.

16 riders turned up on what seemed a cold but increasingly sunny morning.  The temperature appeared to rise as the sun came out, but by the time we left the cafe the wind was starting to build up.

We sent Linda off with the further faster group, and I led the other group up the Greenway to Mickle Trafford.  

As we reached the end of the Greenway, who should shoot along the road but Linda and her ladies!

Lit up by the sun - look! shadows!

Crossing the A51 was interesting, due to huge volumes of traffic it took us a while to all get across.  But eventually we did, and could continue into the headwind and round to Christleton.  

Relaxing in the cafe, with odd trips to the map on the wall to show people how to get home.  If I wait long enough, there are only a few to take back to the cafe - before it rains!

Leaving Walk Mill

Tinselly bikes - you have to look closely!

16 riders in two groups, with 16 miles and 22 miles respectively.

Have a very merry Christmas, everyone!