Saturday 10 December 2016

It's amazing what a bike ride can do

...or, the best hangover cure!

Not for the first time this year (I am ashamed to say) I turned up to the ladies ride a little worse for wear.  A few months ago, a quiet works night out had ended with cocktails in The Church and left me needing black coffee and a bacon buttie at Kingsway to recover.  The December ride followed my works night out, which I had joined late as my choir had a concert the same night.  Undeterred I was dancing in Revolution till gone 2am. But enough about Chester and it's nightlife!

It is a good job Mr Rosie was on the ball to remind  me to take a start up photo!
However, it accounts for lack of pictures for the morning, but I knew I had leaders and we were having a short ride to Walk Mill, as has become the tradition, to allow busy people to crack on with Christmas preparations and stuff.  So I dragged myself along, and joined the gentle shorter direct ride with Linda and Gill (back after an 18 month absence due to the ice fall in Dec 2014).

I had to pop home as I had forgotten my waterbottle (essential) and something else (I forget now!), so re-joined them in Guilden Sutton - a surprise to some who did not know I had left them!

Gathering at Walk Mill we filled the cafe to the rafters, and enjoyed a selection of beverages and victuals, but I only stared to pick up after chatting to Caroline, cafe manager and friend of the ladies.  So much so that I could manage a few photos and even a rendition of Jingle Bell Rock with Linda (also in our choir) as we rode up the lane away from the cafe!

We ended back at The Dee Miller, where they again provided us with mulled wine (which is basically fruit, I concluded, as I helped myself to a second glass!) and mince pies.  I was not sure if there was a Tarvin Quiz this year (there was) so a few of the ladies furnished us with some quiz sheets, with cunning clues - I'm sorry I remained a bit vague for the day, so do not know who brought them!

A jolly end to another successful year for the ladies.  Here is to 2017!