Saturday 7 November 2015

From the old to something new

A new cafe - but not a new location.  Sometimes the cafes we visit close, new ones open, and some change hands.  After many years Hildegard has returned to Germany, but the cafe in Holt was sold, and new owners have taken up the reigns.  A fresh new look - we have visited actually on our July #Womens100 ride (twice if I recall rightly!) but this was a first for an official ladies ride.  (Welna also took a few there in Aug).

New Cycle security at Kingsway!

I looked out of the window as we were signing in, to see the largest hound sitting next to our bikes.

I popped out to take a picture - but he was the friendliest waggiest and definitely furriest dog.

It was raining, so photo inside today - Thanks to Mr Rosie as usual
We had an inside photo because it was raining, a gloomy grey November day.  But still, a good turn out despite the damp.  

We set off down Hoole Lane along Boughton and down to the river, crossing on the Suspension Bridge.

Despite the rain I stopped us for a quick photo at the end (the ladies are very tolerant of me)

I took what I wanted, then a kind passing Italian chap offered to take one with us all.  However, and as I feared, he did chop off the golden balls (at the top of the bridge).

(You see, I do put some thought into the photos!)

It continued to rain - quite hard actually as we headed to Eccleston.  Linda's 'slower' group passed the end of one road (I had picked out a part of the Circuit to follow through Handbridge), so we had to pass them, much to their surprise!  

At Eccleston we pass through one of my favourite bits of road, a deep sandstone cutting which goes through a short tunnel (under the Dukes Drive), in the late spring it is topped with magnificent foxgloves, most of the year it has ferns and today you can see the golden leaves, and the red phone box behind us.

Photographs do not always portray the weather - especially when wet and windy.  This shot it just looks damp, but it was still raining.

But by the time we were a couple more miles down the road, by Pulford, the blue skies were showing through!

It was turning into a different day.

When we got to Holt it was truly beautiful; the cafe was welcoming, and much chatting took place.

We headed back East of the river Dee, to Chester.  No more photos (not like me!).  The leaders then had a conflab at the Dee Miller, to review the last year and plan 2016.  More to follow!

24 and 30 miles; about 16 riders.