Saturday 9 June 2018

10 year birthday picnic and awards ceremony!

June 2008, and I ran the first Five miles to Fabulous ride.  The full story can be found on the history tab.

To mark ten years of the Fab Ladies, we arranged a series of rides, meeting at Tattenhall for a get together, picnic and prossecco.  38 ladies booked in for the event, many resplendent in our anniversary tops for 2018.

Cake samples before we even started - Ruth brought some previews for her daughter's second cake cook book, Fuelled by Cake.

 Alex and her faster group set off first

....closely followed by Linda with her ladies.

Jane and Gill took the next group

which left me with these lovely ladies.

We set off via Christleton and Waverton, where we met a stag baywatch party (I should've got a selfie!) 

Linda's groups also stopped for a photo,
by the Shady Oak, if I am not mistaken!

Hadn't noticed this lovely cast iron gate before, not far from the Ice Cream Farm.

Couple of nice quiet lanes to bring us round to drop in to Tattenhall.

 What a wonderful spread at Alison's!!!  There was plenty to go round, and it was just right!!

The weather was just nice to sit out in, in the front garden which although is on the main street is also a little raised, so away from street level.

A leader line up, sporting new tops - and of course a back view.  Our top designer, Ellen, joined us for some cake; she is in the photo under our back view...

And then - presentations!  Not planned in at first, but Welna had brought with her certificates for all the leaders, and I was able to look back and recall when they first came out, and it was an opportunity to thank them for the help they have given over the years.  We had a good laugh remembering!

Thanks to Angela C who captured some of these presentations.

But then...

Lowri, our secretary from Chester and North Wales Cycling UK Member Group, brought a certificate from the Committee, in a frame (she cycled in from Ruthin with it, cos she is more amazing than me!!)

But there is more...

Linda presented me with flowers, a mug (Psychlepath), a card made with many photos from over the years, and some Wiggle vouchers!  They really spoiled me, and it was a wonderful surprise!  Thank you to all the ladies who join us over the years, and stay with us!

The cake was shared, the prosecco finished, so it was time to go, and people made their way home. I had a small group, and kind offers of taking the booty home for me.  I note from photos someone even managed to have a puncture!

Big thanks to Catherine for arranging and discussing with Alison for today, buying the prosecco, and making the cake - which was gorgeous!  See you in five years!