Saturday 10 January 2009

Frozen January

A hardy two ladies turned up on a very frosty cold January day. We set off up the cycleway. I was marvelling at the icicles under the bridge on plas Newton Lane - only to realise nearly too late that underneath them was a corresponding large patch of ice! Stopping just in time, we all tip-toed across the rink safely before continuing.

We left the cycleway in Blacon, and headed down to Saltney Ferry. I had in mind to meander back to Chester to find a cafe near the river, but as we approached Saltney Ferry bridge, I realised a light but bitter wind would have frozen our cockles off if we headed back towards town, so in an effort to warm up we crossed the bridge and turned right.

Circling the Hawarden airfield and Airbus factory we had a small climb which warmed us a little, before dropping towards Broughton. I had in mind a cafe I knew of, and we cut across to the Warren through what would've been a very muddy track - but as it was frozen it was just a very lumpy track!

Someone had moved my cafe and turned it into a chiropodists, which was no use to us - but there was a cafe in the corner of Broughton Park - where we sat for a not insignificant time, warming up and drinking coffee and eating sticky delectibles!

We returned to Chester and went our own ways by the Old Dee Bridge, having covered about 23 miles.

Motto - ski-mits are the best hand protection in cold weather, wrap up warm with lots of layers and definitely head for a warm cafe!