Saturday 10 June 2023

15 and Fabulous!

Fifteen years ago Cycling UK ran a 'five miles to fabulous' initiative, with the intention to demonstrate that five miles is very achievable for most people, will take about half an hour, and - particularly aimed at encouraging women out on their bikes - can make you fabulous (thinking of the health benefits).

And so, June 2023 marks our fifteenth birthday, which means we have to celebrate in some way or another!

The plan was a birthday picnic at Walk Mill, with a marvellous cake, and sunshine.  On the day however I was unable to make it to the start as I have recently had a diagnosis of cancer and subsequent surgery two days before.  But I certainly could make it to the cafe to see everyone.

Linda kindly took or arranged for the 'start up photo', three were driving over, one of which kindly picked me up, as I cannot drive either at the moment.

It has been very sunny and warm for several weeks (a great time to pick to be off sick) and today was no exception.  A couple of routes were offered, and the ladies set off, meeting up with us already at Walk Mill in two waves.

I had ordered badges for everyone who came, although I do now have some spares as not everyone wanted a badge.

After copious sandwiches made from the freshest bread(they had had to wait for it to cool first!) and many jugs of water, we agreed that the cake will fare better inside rather than out in the sweltering heat!

After posing for photos with a rather large knife, the serious business of cutting the cake was given to me (!), with Jean in close attendance.  Jean took over, and the cake was divvied out to all, including Caroline and the staff at Walk Mill.

Jean made the most magnificent cake for us xx

After this all that was left was to head home via our chosen modes of transport.

Our ride fell between National Volunteering week and Bike week, which was well timed.  At the end of May I was informed I had been nominated and was shortlisted for a volunteer of the year award, as 'Most Inspiring Individual', which was nice and meant I got a badge (and a certificate and card).  Read the article here

A huge thanks to all the ride leaders and riders, because without them I would just be going for rides on my own.  Make sure you put the 10th June 2028 in your diaries, as we will certainly do something special for our 20th birthday!!!  (Hmm, 10th June again!)

PS I mentioned my diagnosis earlier - it was discovered through the NHS screening programme and is very small and early.  No chemo but radiotherapy later this summer. I will be back on the bike before you know it!

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