Saturday 14 November 2020

Mid lockdown, post covid, solo rides

Another month, another lockdown.  Only this time you cannot ride with a group, only one other person.  And all the cafes have shut, with some doing take out. So, I suggested that we have a 'virtual ride' - anyone riding leaves on the Saturday morning and share photos of the ride on the facebook group.  I was also post Covid; I had started with symptoms end of October, tested positive, and we were 'self isolating' until earlier this week.  However, I had still felt unwell, but today marked the first day i did feel much better.

Typically, after watching autumn sunshine all week from my windows, today was forecast with rain.  Undeterred I set off anyway, just nice to get out.  Damp misty rain as I left Chester via Huntington, slightly heavier but eased as I arrived at Saighton.

Posting on facebook as I went:

Decision time #1, its damp out some misty rain but mild. Bit breezy.
Not out of breath more than usual after having the covids since 28th, coughin' well so maybe this will clear the tubes!

Down to Bruera I think

...but looking at bit black, so will turn left at Bruera, methinks

Mark offering cheese and wine (Spar award winning red!) - a welcome respite in Tattenhall

Sausage buttie from Spar, recommended, and still warm after climb up to Burwardsley (even at my speed)

Sunshine on the dahlias.  Beeston behind the tree

There it be. Who doesn't love Beeston?



Managed a solo Fab Ladies ride around the lanes - not very far but did enjoy it despite the damp 🚴 Even wore my CFL top for the occasion



A lovely damp ride round the lanes for my virtual fab ladies ride this morning. I could see England through the mist! When the sun finally appeared the oak trees were looking gorgeous. Coffee at Cleopatra's on the way home.



Got out for a virtual Fab Ladies ride this morning. Bit damp to start off with, but the rain held off after that, & the scone at Lockgates coffee shop was definitely worth riding there & back for. 🙂