Sunday 10 November 2019

All together

This month we had more leaders than riders - and a group of eleven gathered for quick photo in the bitter cold.  There was snow across North Wales, although we did not see any, and although we had some rain it was not sleet.  The early morning frost had cleared, but we were not lucky enough to see any sun.

Despite a few routes being planned, we set off together up the Greenway, and by the blue bridge we debated whether to split or stay together, agreeing on the latter.

The autumnal not-so-greenway!

We continued alongside the main road, on a cycle path past the old Sealand Army Camp, until I had a brain freeze about the route.  Lisa stepped in and we crossed the roundabout, and the course became obvious again, passing some flooding in an adjacent field.

Hosta cafe is within a garden centre, and as with most garden centres this means you have to trail all the way through the displays to get to the cafe.  There was not much out, but there was a fabulous display of large cyclamen.

If you are good at anagrams,
they have some letters for sale.
I managed 'Lost'!

We warmed up in the cafe with drinks and a selection of breakfast type victuals, before wrapping up and heading back out into the cold.  Despite extensive rain recently, I was surprised that the lanes were not flooded.  A final ascent through the zoo which was very leafy, and returning to Kingsway cafe with 20 miles covered