Saturday 12 November 2016

Awesome Autumn

I heard on the radio the other morning that we have had the driest start of autumn since 1951.  This has meant the leaves have stayed on the trees longer, allowing them to change to the wonderful colours we have all enjoyed for the past 4-6 weeks.  Then a few days ago we had lots and lots of rain; yesterday a touch of frost and ice and lovely clear blue skies, followed by torrential rain at 3am this morning.  It was still decidedly damp as we assembled at Kingsway Cafe, leading to contemplations between the planned ride to Cotebrook or a shorter one to Okells garden Centre.

Catherine persuaded us to stick to plan A, and Sonia pointed out that the weather forecast said it was going to stop at 10am.  So we gathered under the shelter of the front of the cafe for a photo, before sending Alex and her faster group off.  

It stopped raining.  Ace!

We made our way out through the lanes, and up over Utkinton to drop down to the A49 and Cotebrook.  We pulled some tables together, and the cafe were really helpful and friendly saying chairs are moveable and they made us feel very welcome.  A variety of refreshments were brought to us, and we started to wonder where the faster group were?

Alex and her small group arrived in time, having had a small incident near Waverton (a woman, part of the hunt gathering, had caused one lady to stop suddenly and there ensued a tumble; once all had dusted themselves down, they discovered  a puncture which took a couple of attempts to fix.  All were OK though and apart from some bruising and scuffs to clothing, were able to complete the ride).

Our route back seemed to bring together all the best views and colours still available, and by now I had been able to charge my camera a little in the cafe.  So now I can share some colours and photos with you!

When we got back, and re-joined our faster group, a few of us retired to the Dee Miller - I wanted to book us in for next month Christmas victuals and we finished the ride with a little drink.  Very nice

26 miles (+ further faster)