Saturday 13 March 2010

Ten Mile Totter

Today was only ever going to be a short ride, as I had to get back for my youngest. 

13 bright and cheerful ladies gathered outside the cafe for a prompt 10am start, and we went right, up Columbia Road (for the first time ever!)  After a brief admire of what I call Crocus Valley we wended through the streets and eventually through the Zoo bridleway.

 We crossed the canal , and after another hill meandered round the lanes of Backford, Stanney and Stoak.  Then, crossing the canal again we followed a small lane from Croughton to the bottom of Butterhill (behind the Zoo) which we then climbed.  ound to Picton Gorse and, afer picking our way down a thorny lane, we headed back to the cafe.
Despite being a grey day, with still a bit of a nip in the air, snowdrops (as well as the crocusses) were abundant, and signs of Dafodills on their way. 

If I can work out how to save and upload it, I have the route plotted out on my new GPS (Christmas pressie, only arrived last month).  General concensus was it was about 10 miles.