Saturday 11 September 2021

Back to School

 I always think September is one of the points in the year that marks 'new beginnings', such as back to school.  A legacy from our own long school holidays and, in time, for our children too.  New bag, uniform that is a bit too big, shoes that are not scuffed yet and certainly a new pencil case stuffed with new pens and pencils.

Without the pencil case, this September felt even more like a new beginning, as we seem to be moving further away from the lock-downs and restrictions of the past eighteen months.  Covid has not gone away, but group numbers are not restricted and face masks are not mandatory (although I am still wearing mine inside to move around)

Kingsway Cafe has also had a revamp, a bright sunshiney
yellow and new clock on the wall. 

So, no online booking this month to see how we get on; leaders had their own sign in sheet and pen so we each signed people in as they arrived.  No specific groups as it is one easy route - out along the Greenway as we have since 2013 (gosh, that long!).

Four new faces joined us this month, and were subjected to the usual start up photo and my talky bit.  

Kingsway Cafe also has a new flag!

Lovely warm weather, for the time of year, and a nice spin out along the Greenway:

I wanted to drop by to see 'Charlie's Orchard'.  Charlie was a member of the Wirral cycling group, but he had helped me for a couple of years with the Bob Clift Cycleway Rides- literally my right hand man, checking people out and in, and then writing all the certificates.  He sadly and suddenly died in 2019, and as a club we have planed an orchard out near the greenway, as it splits to go Neston/ Connah's Quay.

Found it (eventually!)

We contined around the industrial park, and over the marsh boardwalk, to the gates at the other end.

However, this year for a change we headed right, up a slight hill, to Burton Manor college and cafe ('Burtons at The Manor').  We sat outside, although a fine misty rain threatened so 2/3 of us relocated inside (I believe it stopped, as four hardy stalwarts stayed outside - you can tell who from the photos!)

Then, we headed straight back (with a pause under the trees nearer to Chester to allow a heavy shower to pass), losing a few to their own routes home along the way.