Saturday 9 December 2017

The social side of cycling

Once again we had to cancel the December ride.  Although it was not a widespread frost, or snow, there were patches of ice and many of the Welsh ladies, including most of the leaders, had messaged me on facebook over the previous day and evening to say they were not coming.

I have said before that I live very close to the cafe, and this means I can walk there, which was what I told the ladies via social media.  Some people may not get the message, so at least I would be there  to share a coffee and a chat.  I posted for anyone to join me anyway for a coffee and a bacon buttie.

That last idea sparked Sue to come along, she could not resist a bacon buttie, and we were shortly joined by Sheila and Gill - who had actually brought her bike, so Well Done that Woman!  We spent a jolly hour drinking coffee and chatting, talking about parties coming up over the festive period, and life generally outside cycling.  

It started to sleet and generally throw horrible cold weather down whilst we were in the cafe, allowing a moment of reflection that it was indeed the right thing to do on this wintry morning, and after a quick photo by the tree, we set off back our separate ways to busy ourselves with Christmas preparations.

4 ladies, 0 miles :-)