Bike Theft is a real issue, and even when you lock and secure your beloved two wheeled companion, determined thieves can still make off with your steed.
Bike marking and registering at Feb 2013 ride.

We invited the Crime Prevention Officer and Community Officers (Dan and Joanne) to meet us after our ride in February 2013, and some of us had our bikes registered for free.  This will not prevent theft; but numerous bikes are recovered, and without accurate information, it can be very hard for the police to match you back up with your bike.

Please see Chester Cycle Campaign page on Bike Security Advice, it seems to have all you need to know!

The registration website used is Immobilise, you can register all sorts with it.

Personal Safety:

After experiencing a strange and unprovoked attack in November 2013, I phoned the police on 101 the next day.  However, they assured me that if you ever feel threatened do not hesitate to phone 999.  Make sure you are safe first.  The police do not mind at all if you do call 999 (and if at the end of the conversation they feel it did not warrant 999, they will say so)

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