Saturday 11 January 2020

Welcome to 2020

Welcome to a New Year - and also a New Decade!  Wow, looking back on the blog ten years ago (useful for this time-hopping business) New years day was a bit snowy, and ladies ride in Jan was cancelled due to snow.  2010 was our first ladies weekend to Bridges, and we return in 2020 to Shropshire in June for our 10th weekend away.

No snow today, damp and dismal, and, if heading the wrong way, very windy!  We had four small groups, as only 25 riders (New years resolutions already worn off?!) and after a photo (I'm taking it, no Mr Rosie today) we all set off.  Three new ladies did join us, and a few returning.

My group of eight on the steady ride set off along the Greenway, and around to the A51 to follow footpath to Stamford Bridge.  A quiet day out in the lanes, and with the wind predominately behind us until we paused at the top of Dunham when we realised how windy it was.

My camera is not charging / holding charge very well, so no photos until we got to the cafe, as I had to rely on my phone.  We also did not pop outside to see the goats and menagerie, as you have to pay (I had visited last summer, and the door was open, you just went out).  The lady was not for negotiating, so I settled for a pic of a couple of the goatees through the window.