How to fix a puncture and other useful tips

Informative blog entry - Spokeswoman

Cyclescheme is a website for people who have acquired their bike through work, with a tax free agreement.  They have some helpful tips, such as how to fix a puncture and changing an inner tube.

Chester Fabulous Ladies in conjunction with Harlequin, a Chester University based student outfit, compiled a film on how to fix a puncture - or rather change your tube.  It does use the front wheel,but a back is not much harder once you have disentangled the gears and chain!

Unfortunately, it seems to have been removed from 'Vimeo' :-(

Also,specialized have a rather whizzy film-  How to fix a flat tyre

They also have two other information videos -

How to lube your chain (oil in this country!)

How to fix your dropped chain (ie if your chain jumps off)

Please let me know if you come across other useful tips and links, and I can add them to this page.