Monday 24 May 2010

June ladies ride - two year anniversary!

Yes - this June ride marks the two year birthday for the Fabulous Ladies!  It feels like we are finding our feet, which is about right for a two year old!

12 eager (?!) ladies met at the cafe, and as the sun broke through the grey clouds, we set off across Hoole, along the canal and then past Boughton to pick up the route through Caldy Valley Nature Park.  Out to Saighton, where Zoya had to leave us to go to a garden party.

No-one else could be persuaded to turn back, so we continued to Bruera, crossed the A41 to Old ma's coffee shop.

When the cafe owner had recovered from the shock of 11 ladies eyeing up her scones, we all sat outside and the usual banter and gossip ensued.

Heading back (still in glorious sun but with a sneaky head/side wind) we regrouped in the bus turning circle in Waverton (the wind was a bit strong for a few who dropped slightly back) - until, that is, the bus came!  We set off, but then pulled in to a side track to let the same bus pass (it was just easier!).

Back to Waverton, and re-joining the canal to head back to Chester.

A pleasant, sunny and very chatty 18 miles!

Saturday 22 May 2010

Extra ride to the Eureka

With the promise of glorious sunshine on Saturday; and because Nosheen will soon be leaving us for New Zealand; I called an extra impromptu ladies ride.  She told me (on a brief excursion we had the Monday evening previously) that she had never been to the Eureka Cafe, a particularly famous cycling cafe in our area (see

So, after a flurry of emails, the day did indeed dawn hot and sweltery.  Seven of us left Kingsway Cafe (Angela called by but was between holidays - oh, to be retired!) but this did mean she could take our photo!

We set off down the cycleway, although we knew we faced a diversion later due to works.  At the point we had to leave, we came across a bewildered couple with a helpful lady doing her best to direct them out and round and back to the canal (arms a-waving like a air traffic controller), and were able to say a cheery 'follow us' (much easier than directions).  So we did have a gentleman join us for a short duration, but he had strict instructions to stay at the back! (:-D)
Re-joining the cycleway after the canal, we continued out past Sealand, and hung a right down an old lane past Sealand Camp (RAF Base) and followed round to the Lodge Lane bridge crossing and so to Woodbank.

As we joined the main road up to the cafe, I noted we were missing several ladies (already!).  I parked Flo in a layby and turned about to go in search - Lesley shouted over the road that Ali's chain had come off, so I set off to the rescue, visions of oily fingers and nails looming.  Fortunately (for me) Ali and the ladies had solved their short delay and were merrily now heading on to the cafe (phew, saves my nails!).

A wonderful sunny sit in the garden with refreshments set us up for the return back to Woodbank, but this time all the way to Shotwick Lights (Welna had come in this way and hijacked the group! so that we returned up the river, which was nice!

From the river at Chester we joined the canal, and negotiated the few pubs with people spilling all over the towpath - Races in Chester!!!!

To be honest I do not have the mileage for today (still no computer!) but I guess it was about 17-18?  Will measure it another day!

Sunday 16 May 2010

Volunteer of the year!

My huge thanks to Lesley and those who supported the nomination for CTC Volunteer of the year 2009, which I won for the North West Region!  Collected my certificate and a bit of a gong on Saturday at the CTC National Dinner in Loughborough.

Here I am receiving it from Lord Berkeley, CTC Vice President and pro cycling Labour Peer - bit of a dude as he sometimes cycles to Westminster on his Brompton!

I was also in the paper with a select few (the ones that came on the last ride) - many thanks to Susan too for the write up and photo!

Winners and more information can be found at

Tuesday 11 May 2010

Latest News

Ladies weekend is bearing down - time to get excited!

10 of us are booked onto the weekend, which remains flexible and open to options.  I have planned a few routes; and I intend to ride down on the Friday (53 miles - ish).  I will email out to the intrepid 10 in the next few days with more information and plans!

Watch the blog in early June for a round up of the weekend, and of course photos!

Next Ladies Saturday morning ride will be the two year anniversary on the 10th June.  I have an idea of where we will head, but as usual I will wait till the day when I know who is coming and possible weather conditions!  (it is June, after all!!)

See you soon,


Saturday 8 May 2010

Boat Museum and Bluebells

The weather forecast was pretty grim, and certainly not the sunshine we have become accustomed with through April.  But, undaunted (as ever) I met the ladies - of which we had 7 altogether, at the cafe.  Moira's husband was also lurking, but he was advised that no, he could not come out with us, and if going for a ride will you please go in the other direction!  However, Andy served a useful purpose and once we were lined up he took the now traditional photo for the start of the ride.
I followed my usual route to work - so that not only did I know the route off by heart, so does my bike!  We had a brief photo call en route (to go in the paper) and I cannot relay here the word Susan suggested we used (to make us look like we are smiling - it is the new 'cheese', apparently!) - you will have to ask us when you see us what the word was. 

Once in Ellesmere port we followed through a housing estate to cross a canal bridge and then explore the outskirts of Stanlow, before arriving at the Boat Museum.

Last year they did not have any cake, so I eyed up the sandwhiches and sausage rolls carefully before discovering a very chocolately chocolate cake - and the girl said to me 'help yourself' (she don't know me, do she!!!!!).  This is becoming a terrible habit now!

We were joined by a couple of quite oily Bicycle Belles (our sister Wirral women on wheels group) out to recky their route for next week.  Oily because Sylvia had had an arguement with her chain and almost lost but between her and Janet (and I do not doubt some stern words!) they reunited the chain with the chain wheel and were able to contine!  And they have had a bike maintenance course!

Saying our farewells, we followed the canal all the way to the back of Chester Hospital, (suprised a brood of 7 ducklings - sooo cute!) and then followed the streets back to the cafe.  We lost a few on the way - planned of course as people neared their home, or left to get back for work.

Total of 17 miles