Saturday 10 May 2014

Showers, Flowers and Wind

'March winds and April showers bring forth May flowers' as the saying goes - and we had all three today!
At 9:30 the sky darkened.  As grey clouds slipped over the previously tantalising blue and sunny morning, the promise of a faulty weather forecast also dwindled!  

As requested everyone who was planning to come had let me know (except one lady who had a new email address and therefore had not had my email, and one brand new who did not know).  21 riders assembled, signed in and then grouped under cover for the start up photo.

We sent of Alex with the regular/ furtherish group (only two leaders today, therefore only two groups) before I set off with the slow and steady.  Several new faces out today which is always nice!

Using the greenway to get going, we headed to Mickle Trafford and then the A56 - a bit further than usual to include Dunham Hill (sneaky climb).  

We could see the black clouds heading our way, and after a descent and being passed bythe faster group (they had had a detour!) it started to rain.  

Not too bad at first, but I had to backtrack as I changed my mind about the route - and this brought us to a heavier shower.  

The rain shower was very short lived and soon we were climbing the back lanes of Barrow, between deep sandstone cuttings topped with bluebells.

The cafe was very busy despite me phoning ahead and warning that 21 of us were on our way!  We took over slightly (!), and even had to send the Wrexham Cafe Hoppers away (sorry guys!) as there was just not enough room (even then people were nearly sitting on each others knees!).

Just before we headed back off, I wanted to explore the bluebell woods.  Barrowmore Estate is part of the Cheshire Bluebell Recovery Project.

We then regrouped and set off, with slight changes to riding groups and a nice downhill start (the sun still shining!).  It was at this point I realised that,due to waitress service, I had forgotten to pay!  Flo was heading back that way, so I gave her my money and she kindly offered to pop in on her way back and pay my bill (and one other lady,not just me!)

Then we had a very windy return along the A51 (footpath) to re-join the lanes and head through Guilden Sutton and Pipers Ash and back.

21 ladies, 15 and 22 miles.