Saturday 8 December 2018

Christmas Ride to Walk Mill: Mulled Wine at The Piper

An assemblage of ladies for our December regular ride.  

We finished up in the Piper for Mulled Wine and mince pies (although very slow service).

Saturday 10 November 2018

Autumn in a Day

A good turn out of 25 for the November Ladies Ride. 

We set off along the greenway, colours on the trees were amazing, it is nearly the middle of November and so many leaves still on the trees, it's not winter yet.

After passing through Waverton, Ruth sustained a soggy wobbly feeling in her rear - a puncture.  We pulled over, and the ladies were glad to have a demonstration of how to change a tube, which Ruth managed admirably.  A little help to pump up the tube, and we were rolling again.

Up and over the canal then railway bridges, before turning towards the marina.

Only a short trip today, but we managed 11 miles out.

 Despite passing a large gate bewteen canal and rail, this is shut as it is for the workshop, so the entrance to the cafe is along Newton Lane and turning in at the Ice Cream Farm car park, you follow down to a gate then up and over the railway (again).

Sat in the corner were Dave and friends from Wrexham CTC - we have not bumped in them for a little while  so I was able to have a little chat, before they went on their way.

Tattenhall Marina cafe is a spacious venue, with lovely views and a peaceful and tranquil atmosphere.  They kindly furnished us with sandwiches and chips, before we set off again back through the lanes.

To finish off, as if we had not seen enough colour in the lanes, I brought my group back through Caldy Valley, a veritable explosion of yellow and orange and other bright autumn colours - autumn condensed into 1/2 mile!

25 riders, 22 (regular) miles, three groups.

Sunday 15 July 2018

East meets West

Chester Fabulous Ladies is part of Chester CTC, along with our Wednesday evening Rides.  Chester is part of Chester and North Wales (C&NW) member group of our National Organisation, Cycling UK.

As a member of Cycling UK you can ride with any other cycling UK group in the country; I have friends in York, and I have joined Swansea before now, when I am gallivanting around on holiday.  Bu in C&NW, we have several other riding groups, from Wirral, Mold, Wrexham, Colwyn Bay and over to Angelsey and Caernarfon.  It is the latter I got in touch with whilst I was away.

Doreen (81) lives in Criccieth.  Up a steep hill, which commands the MOST AMAZING kitchen window view i think I have ever seen.  (not jealous much, and certainly not when she says she watches the dolphins and seals from her house.  No, not at all!).

I first met Doreen several years ago, when she was selling her tandem, and we needed something to keep youngest daughter engaged on cycling trips and holidays.  We met on that occasion in a garden centre, and rode along route 8 to Inigo Jones cafe.
It is a three stage fairly steep hill to Doreen's
house - so start the day with a big descent!
Today, after a coffee and a catch up, Doreen led me over the back of Criccieth, heading towards cloudy views of Snowdonia.  How marvellous, to just climb the hill behind your house to see that!

Views to South Snowdonia - in the cloud
In good CTC tradition, we left the road and followed a disused railway track, following the very edge of Snowdonia National Park.

Following a disused railway track from slate mines

Stop for lunch at Eric's.  Of course, Doreen knows
Eric and the family.  She knows everyone!
After lunch we were in the relatively flat lands of the Afon Glaslyn, traversed by the Welsh Highland Railway; after which Doreen found another hill.  She told me that she had been to the doctors as she was concerned that she sometimes gets out of breath cycling up hill.  We laughed about that (when I had got my breath back, from climbing the hill!).

We then rode through a village which does not have a cycle path (even though it is a busy road and quite narrow) to make a point - Doreen is one of our Cycling UK campaigners and there is no cycle path because apparently one resident has planted a lot of daffodils in the grass verge and so does not want the path.  

We then picked up the Ffestiniog Railway, as it reaches its destination in Porthmadoc, riding alongside it on the causeway with glimpses 

We did not stop in Porthmadoc (it was not long after lunch, after all!) so carried on around the back of Porthmadoc, along another causeway and eventually dropping down to Criccieth for an excellent ice cream.

A most lovely day out, charming company and scenery, must come back!

Saturday 14 July 2018

Magical Mystery Tour

I was likely to be away in July, and we had originally planned the 7th for our ride; however, more leaders were free on the 14th, so we changed the date.  

In the end, I was actually still here on the Saturday, so I went with a friend to the candle factory - I did check the cafe first and no-one there; although someone did turn up so not sure how we missed each other.

Leading was delegated to Sharon, Sonia and Jane and Gill.  They dutifully took a start up photo:

...and I think we had 21 riders.

Sharon says (on facebook) - The weather was glorious and everyone very kind, as I made them ride through some wrong roads.  

Now Sharon has a nickname 'Dora' (the explorer!)

Some photos Sharon shared:

And this must be the 'wrong road'..!!!

Animals at Rose Farm...

[apologies for layout of the photos, I have very little control over this platform]

Saturday 9 June 2018

10 year birthday picnic and awards ceremony!

June 2008, and I ran the first Five miles to Fabulous ride.  The full story can be found on the history tab.

To mark ten years of the Fab Ladies, we arranged a series of rides, meeting at Tattenhall for a get together, picnic and prossecco.  38 ladies booked in for the event, many resplendent in our anniversary tops for 2018.

Cake samples before we even started - Ruth brought some previews for her daughter's second cake cook book, Fuelled by Cake.

 Alex and her faster group set off first

....closely followed by Linda with her ladies.

Jane and Gill took the next group

which left me with these lovely ladies.

We set off via Christleton and Waverton, where we met a stag baywatch party (I should've got a selfie!) 

Linda's groups also stopped for a photo,
by the Shady Oak, if I am not mistaken!

Hadn't noticed this lovely cast iron gate before, not far from the Ice Cream Farm.

Couple of nice quiet lanes to bring us round to drop in to Tattenhall.

 What a wonderful spread at Alison's!!!  There was plenty to go round, and it was just right!!

The weather was just nice to sit out in, in the front garden which although is on the main street is also a little raised, so away from street level.

A leader line up, sporting new tops - and of course a back view.  Our top designer, Ellen, joined us for some cake; she is in the photo under our back view...

And then - presentations!  Not planned in at first, but Welna had brought with her certificates for all the leaders, and I was able to look back and recall when they first came out, and it was an opportunity to thank them for the help they have given over the years.  We had a good laugh remembering!

Thanks to Angela C who captured some of these presentations.

But then...

Lowri, our secretary from Chester and North Wales Cycling UK Member Group, brought a certificate from the Committee, in a frame (she cycled in from Ruthin with it, cos she is more amazing than me!!)

But there is more...

Linda presented me with flowers, a mug (Psychlepath), a card made with many photos from over the years, and some Wiggle vouchers!  They really spoiled me, and it was a wonderful surprise!  Thank you to all the ladies who join us over the years, and stay with us!

The cake was shared, the prosecco finished, so it was time to go, and people made their way home. I had a small group, and kind offers of taking the booty home for me.  I note from photos someone even managed to have a puncture!

Big thanks to Catherine for arranging and discussing with Alison for today, buying the prosecco, and making the cake - which was gorgeous!  See you in five years!