Saturday 13 November 2021

Tandem Tales

 Aah November, month of autumn colours and today even a little bit of sunshine.  Using the BookWhen booking system, we had 12 riders booked on with 7 leaders ready to take them out.  Unfortunately two cancelled last minute but things do happen, what can you do?!

Rosie and Ken were back, so I had my photographer again and we grouped up for a quick(ish) talky bit before groups set off - felt very much back to normal.

I was so busy checking off who had come (so we did not leave without anyone) that I did not end up signing anyone in - so I joined with Sue and Mary, and we set off with eight.

As we set off up the Greenway, I started chatting to Emma.  New this year to the ladies, I asked how her month has been.  She started by telling me she had been (down south) to see her family; the conversation went on to early cycling days (in the eighties) as we realised we are the same age, but also both went to the CTC Birthday Rides in our teens; we then also shared lots of tandem stories.  She rode as a child from the age of 8 on the back of her dad's tandem, I had had a tandem for my daughter at a similar age, we both knew someone from Portsmouth CTC who now lives local to us here...well, we spent the best part of five miles sharing our memories of tandem riding!  (hence the blog title).  Just to add, our own 'team tandem' were unable to join us today.  Unfortunately Emma prefers to be a Stoker (riding on the back) but we are on the look out for a Pilot (to ride the front) for one of our ladies who relies on someone to bring her out.

We enjoyed a mild day, with lots of lovely autumn colours and even some sunshine, before we re-grouped and queued out of the door at Old Ma's.  

Lots of pumpkins still around

Linda and Jane's group,
perfectly positioned under the
new wall art at Manor Farm

This is my group - but I was at the end
of the queue so last to get my coffee!

Hayley and Sharon's social group

the rest of our group
- also at the tail end of the queue!

As usual the groups mingled and changed a little for the return journey, and I brought out the last four and we headed away, to return another day.

One of my favourite views, at the top of Saighton Hill

17 riders, 20 miles

All fab ladies photos can be seen on my Flickr Group