Saturday 14 December 2019

Christmas ramblings

When walking the dog first thing (my best weather checker before a ride), it was cold, dry, and not icy (bonus).  Literally minutes later I was about to set off to the cafe, and had to bob back for waterproofs, and had a very cold, wet, windy and dark 1/2 mile ride to the cafe.

I parked up, and joined the few ladies assembling.  As people arrived, they asked if we were riding - my reply is - lets see what it is doing at 10.  9:50, and the clouds had blown over, leaving blue skies and even sunshine.

When we were finally ready, we had our photo by the tree, and this is the only photo as my camera battery was dead.

Sue joined us in the cafe, but as she is awaiting ankle surgery she is unable to ride.  As is Rosie, but Ken and Rosie met us at Walk Mill instead (complete with Christmas jumpers).

We sent off the 'further' group, then I led the rest on a little tour of Upton, dropping through Wervin and back along to Mickle Trafford.  Crossing the A51, we just followed a basic route to Walk Mill, managing to avoid suspicious clouds which nearly dropped rain on us.  

The further group arrived back in two waves, first the further group, and then the further further group!  People generally made their own way back to Kingsway; Gill and I stopped at the Ring of Bells in Christleton for some mulled wine and to tackle the Tarvin quiz for this year.

A very Happy Christmas to you all, see you soon!