Sunday 18 September 2011

Audax UK - the long distance cycling organisation

Ranging up to the 1400 Paris - Brest - Paris and the 1600 London - Edinburgh - London, audax rides can start as low as 50km - which was the plan for this months inaugral Momma audax rides.

The idea was born last September, and when I mentioned it to our esteemed local Audax rider and organiser he was so taken with the 'beginner' level ride, that he added a short one to his October rides in North Wales - and also added a 100km and 200km rides to the September Momma audax.

(Named Momma because - the start point cafe is known as 'old ma's'.  I think that is the connection!!)

getting ready to leave Manor Farm
 I met Raina and Jo at Waverton, and Janet joined us at the cafe.  We also had two Tuesday evening riders (from the Wirral), one of whom was also a lady - so I thought with a majority of women I could pop this ride on my blog.

The weather (usual point of conversation!) promised to be wet and getting wetter, but started off dry enough which was nice!  I had planned the route a year before, but could not remember it - and Dave had 'tweaked' it, so I was not sure my gps would be accurate enough.

sunny corner with a particularly good field to pop into!
 We headed out to Beeston, then past Tarporley to Eaton, where we were challenged to try and work out kilometers on the route sheet against out mileometer computers.  We had to find a clue - name of a house - and although very rural there were still quite a few houses round.  We decided the Chapel House must be right and carried on turning before Cotebrook to pick up some lovely quiet lanes, eventually crossing the A51.

 In Bunbury we had to make a small purchase to obtain a receipt as evidence of passing through - but everyone locally had decided to do their weeky shop, and the queue snaked down the shop! A welcome bite of butties before we headed off again, crossing the A49 this time and heading to Peckforton.

Cup of tea at Carden Arms
 It was lovely following the sandstone ridge - and strange for me as only a week earlier I was walking it with my friend. (Snadstone Trail, that is).  We had abit of main road - just unavoidable in that area - but over quite quickly and we climbed over a little hill, before a wonderful long and gentle descent to cross the A41 and head into Tilston.

It was still dry - and had even been a bit sunny - by the time we reached the Carden Arms in Tilston.  I enjoyed a well earned pint and two ladies shared a pot of tea.

Checkpoint Charlie - or control point Dave!
 a few black clouds threatened to dampen us, and a very short shower ensued - but we were mostly stopped under a tree so managed to stay dry.  Straight back to Tattenhall but now into a headwind meant that a stop before heading home was certainly on the cards!

34 miles (=50km).

Thursday 15 September 2011

September berries

I am sorry to report I was not going to be available for the ride this September - the first one I have missed since August 2008 (I think it was). 

I believe that 10 ladies headed out to Hawarden Farm shop, and had a lovely time!. 

I asked Welna, Moira and Jo-Anne to lead the ride in my absence - and I know Welna has written a little something on her blog!

Not sure how far they all went, I will try to find out more and post some pics here too!

On her blog, Welna mentions recent foraging with the abundance of berries this September.  I was enjoying a warm sunny ride home from work today, when I was also distracted by the sight of blackberries dangling at head height.  So out came the buttie box, and it was half filled with blackberries by the time I got home!  My husband informs me that they go well with elderberries in wine making; so that is the plan!