Rides with The Chester Fabulous Ladies are free.

The Chester Fabulous Ladies cycling club is part of Chester CTC, which is in turn part of a regional group of Chester and North Wales CTC

The CTC (Cyclist's Touring Club) was the old name for the re-branded Cycling UK, which is the UK’s national cyclists’ organisation.

CTC has a long and illustrious history of working for travelling, recreational and utility cycle users. Founded in 1878 as the Bicycle Touring Club and subsequently re-named the Cyclists' Touring Club, and in 2016 was re-named Cycling UK.

Today Cycling UK has around 68,000 members encompassing all ages and types of cyclists with elected representation at national and local level backed by a professional staff.

Why join Cycling UK?

Whether you’re new to cycling, ride regularly or want to get back into it, we cater for you. With over 135 years’ experience to share, we are passionate about helping more people to enjoy the benefits of cycling. As an independent charity, we are heavily reliant on voluntary donations for funding. You can help us grow and support our work by becoming a member.

Membership benefits include discounts, money off memberships - oh so many things!

As the UK’s National Cyclists’ Organisation, Cycling UK has been protecting and promoting the rights of cyclists since 1878. Cycling UK is a not-for-profit organisation that is funded through its membership and donations in return for support. By joining Cycling UK you are supporting UK cycling and giving us a louder voice when campaigning locally and nationally on the issues that are important to you.

Current adult subscription for 1 year is £48.  You can arrange to pay monthly, which works out at £4 a month.   There are other family and concession rates, and you can join online.

You do not have to be a member of the Cycling UK to ride with the Fabulous Ladies (or any other cycling group within the Cycling UK) but after three rides we do ask that you join.

(this page content adapted from the Cycling UK website, 12/11/2021)