Saturday 9 December 2023

December circuit

 The weather forecast (which I never look at) was not apparently great, and our sister group on the Wirral, the Bicycle Belles, had cancelled their ride for today (it is unusual for our rides to fall on the same day, I guess Christmas is fast approaching!)

I barely had chance to even look out of the window; after a disturbed night on Thursday I was obviously still tired - and awoke suddenly at 9:30.  My Husband murmured 'what time are you supposed to be there?', and I said NOW!!!  To be fair to me though, I was walking in the door of the community centre twenty minutes later, having got up, dressed, and got my bike out!

Service was quite slow this morning, but I did not have a coffee as I did not want to delay us any more (although some were only just getting their drinks).  The general consensus was also to try to get back before 12, when the weather was due to change, therefore not going to our planned coffee stop.  (I had tried to call Trafford Hall, YHA a few days earlier but had not got through or had a reply to my message).

Me sporting my new Cycling Christmas jersey!

So we disembarked from the cafe and mustered for a quick photo, before setting off along the very sunny streets.  It was an odd feeling, heading out the opposite way on roads we usually head out on, and passing Kingsway Cafe on the way too.

Not many photos as it was really quite an ordinary ride - we bobbed along the zoo path, Rick noted a trunk reaching up (which we presume is attached to an elephant), and we carried on to Rake Hall where we headed back via Stoak and Picton. 

It started to pick on to rain, and I stopped as I was not sure if anyone wanted to 'cape up' (put waterproofs on), but everyone was prepared.  The rain shortly stopped - but our second rainbow of the year was noted over our left shoulder - and it was spectacular!  The photo does not do it justice.

I was trying to capture the full arc, but my camera does not go widescreen enough, and I was running down the road - all the time worried that the rainbow would fade!

Note the reflection of the rainbow in the puddle!

Aah, so eventually they dragged me away with my camera and we climbed back up Mannings Lane (the Greenway is currently very flooded), and we were back before the weather turned nasty!