Saturday 11 January 2014

No room at the Inn!

Each month I email out and post on facebook about the pending ride the following Saturday, and since our numbers swelled I have needed to know in advance to be sure we have enough leaders.  So, the week progressed and numbers of potential riders tipped over the 30 mark. Even with a few last minute drop outs they are usually matched by last minute attendees.  I phoned ahead to the cafe, and was assured that they had space for 40, so we should be OK.

I lost count this morning - I knew about a couple of cancellations, but also saw a few faces arrive that had not been able to confirm.  The sheets soon filled up - as soon as the longest distance was filled I called Jo and her group outside, assembled them, took a photo and sent them on their way.

Next up was my group, with an advertised 14 miles that I had actually re-planned to be about 15.  Looking a bit shiny in this photo - don't know why?!!!! (don't think flash was on?)

Welna led the third group, and posted a photo of her group.  They had a planned 9 miles out to the Rake and back along through Picton.  Her route can be found on the fab ladies facebook group.

Linda took the fourth group, which was originally 9 but became 11 miles.

As we rode, the clouds from the rain earlier in the morning gave way to blue skies.  The roads were wet with many large puddles and nearly floods, and a little bit muddy too.  I was so busy chatting to Wendy about California that I forgot to turn off and my amended 15 miles became 16 - but I do not think anyone noticed!

Heading out along the Greenway

Leaving Greenway at Saughall - now blue skies!

Heading to Mollington

I did notice two large clumps of Mistletoe in a tree at the junction of Picton lane and Mannings Lane, in Mickle Trafford.  That is quite unusual this far north, usually mistletoe is around Hereford and that area.  

Jo's group, taken by Gill C.  Not sure where!
However - when we did arrive at Meadow Lea Farm cafe, it was bursting at the seams!  Welna and Linda's groups had arrived just before the Wrexham Cafe Hoppers, who took the last seats.  Even though we had phoned ahead!  Then Jo's group turned up, which meant there were twenty of us looking for a seat.  The decision was made to head back to Kingsway cafe as it is only 2 miles up the Greenway!

This we duly did - or about a dozen of us did - only to meet the rest of the Wrexham cafe hoppers who also could not get a seat at Meadow Lea.  

It was a long cafe stop - no rush as nearly home!  Cafe also report record takings for a Saturday!!