Saturday 15 January 2022

New Year Natterings

 It no longer feels like the new Year, although we are only two weeks in.

Bookings went well, with one further faster request and two slow, the rest being regular.  In order to balance it out I had planned three groups; but this morning dawned very frosty indeed.

It is a hard choice for me to cancel, as I am very much of the opinion 'oh it will be fine', but maybe it is my age, or recent years' experiences, but I played it safe and sent a late email this morning to cancel, but with the offer to meet at the Cafe.

A few tough cookies did ride/ bring their bikes along, and a few just walked / drove to Kingsway, where we certainly enjoyed tea and coffee and good catch up.

In the end seven set off to go to Farndon, and from the pictures I can see they made it in six pieces (five solo bikes and a tandem!).

Thanks to Jill for sharing her smiling selfies!

And Mary found them too!!  Brilliant!

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