Saturday 11 December 2021

Merry Christmas

 In the never ending range of ever changing restrictions, we managed a meet up before Christmas and the end of 2021.  It has been another incomplete year, and the last few weeks have limited cycling further due to extremely strong winds and just 'orrible weather!  Today started dry at least, but after a few miles turned damp, and remained damp and cold.

But we have a fun almost sparkly start up photo!

That is next years Christmas card sorted!!

We avoided the Greenway as it was reported to be flooded, so dropped down Mannings Lane, skirted Mickle Trafford, Guilden Sutton, Cotton Edmunds, Christleton and Waverton, to drop down to Walk Mill.

The Tarvin Community Quiz was available again, a small tradition started in 2015.  We completed the first two pages (with some gaps) - I thought they seemed a bit easy until I realised the title of the first round was a Children's literary round!

It did not stop raining, so it was straight back to Chester to try and warm up back at our respective homes, no staying out to party this year!

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