Saturday 22 November 2014

West Cheshire Alps re-visited

Back in 2012 I led an extra ride in preparation for the Spring 50 the following week.  This year I had planned in four extra rides to meet up with other ladies groups; but for one reason and another we never managed any of them.  With the early Nov ride ending up very short, and with today's date already n the diary, I invited people to join me on a re-ride of the West Cheshire Alps route.  10 agreed to come!

We set off in lovely sunshine and blue skies - it was the sort of day that every few miles you have to say 'isn't it a lovely day?!' 

We paused at Huxley to let everyone catch up - there is a sneaky rise on the road that is barely perceptible, but just enough to make you feel tired.

As we waited Wrexham CTC (or Reivers, never sure which group as they are the same people!) came past, to waves and 'hellooo's'.

We carried on to Tarporley, where we had another little pause... 

 ...before continuing around Portal to Eaton, and through to Cotebrook.  

 I carried on past the turning just so we could have a photo by Oulton Mill Pond, or 'Mill Pond' as I think it is actually just called.  

No photos of the hills - lovely views as you climb up from the crossroads at Cotebrook, and into Utkinton and along the sandstone ridge - but hard to capture on a photo - you will just have to come along next time!

We made it to Raina's Greedy Pig in Kelsall after regrouping again at the top of Kelsall and then dropping all the way down into the village.

After Kelsall we follow a fabulous contour so you have lovely views across Chester and Merseyside, and into North Wales, before we split and a couple went home from Delamere.

This time we did not go off road through the forest, it had been quite wet previously so would've been very muddy.

After Delamere I added in a little lane near Norley I had not done, always worth putting a new one in!

We then drop off the Sandstone ridge, and around Dutton/ Acton we also drop off my map (GPS) so it becomes harder to navigate.  Must ask Santa for full mapping of UK.

The route climbs back up again to Kingsley and the lanes above Helsby - a hidden area of undulations and secret valleys, culminating in a fab descent to Manley Common.  Here again a few split, as the light was actually fading, leaving a select few to finish off the ride past Manley and back in Mickle Trafford.

Still a lovely 40 mile route.

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