Saturday 13 December 2014

Icy December

Friday night was wet, very wet. I know because my husband and I went to Ikea to buy a wardrobe for my daughter, and the drive back was horrible.  So when I woke to a frosty white-over on Saturday morning I was a little wary of the road conditions.  But the sun was out and it was promising to be a lovely day, so I wrapped up and set out.

At the bottom of my driveway (and it is not a long driveway!) my phone rang - it was Kath from Kinnerton - her and Gill had hit ice on their way in and both come off.  They were OK, but a bit shaken, planning to visit A&E later.  I wished them well and set off - gingerly!

I made it to the cafe (it is 1/3 of a mile from my house, which was why I chose the location, I can always get there).  More ladies turned up - until we had 12.  Someone else had also fallen off on the way - but had made it, albeit with a sore and slowly swelling thumb (turned out to be broken).

I said we will wait until 10:30, let the sun start to warm up.  At 10:15 it rained a very fine misty rain - I thought that is just going to sit on top of the ice and make it even slippier (if there is such a word).  

I phoned the cafe, sorry Caroline we are not going to make it today.  I was also aware through the power of social media that a number of Chester Road club riders had also come off that morning on their various journeys, and two or three of the Tuesday evening riders (who had planned to go to Tilly's at Bunbury and then join us for mulled wine at The Dee Miller) had also slipped.

Hardy riders who made it as far as Kingsway,
also Rosie and Janet who were on the comfy chairs.
A good chance for a chat and a catch up!
People started to head home, it is a shame but for safety sometimes you have to make that call and cancel.  But (apart from January 2010) it is the only one cancelled (and Jan technically was not cancelled as no-one turned up!).

For the record, there was a bit of a cyclists convention in A&E that morning but no further injuries noted, and the roads and paths remained icy all day.  The Wrexham girls headed home along the Greenway and also came off - but were not hurt I believe.

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