Saturday 11 May 2024

Have wings will fly

I was away for May, so I rely on photos and posts from Facebook.  I gather it was a gloriously sunny day though!

With thanks to Angela, Linda, and Collette for the photos!

And the post title?  Well, I saw the bike photo here, hanging from the ceiling with a pair of wings - Cycling UK was formerly CTC, and the symbol for the CYC was a 'winged wheel'.  We have a few local to us - Tarporley, Corwen, Middlewich, and there should be one in Bala but I believe it is missing (Bala weekend blog post to follow).  You can read the  Cycling UK history page, or when we reinstated the one at Corwen (that is me on the left, blowing the fine horn!).

There used to be a website listing all of them (I never found the one in Macclesfield), but that seems to have disappeared, but there are some on 'YACF' (Yet Another Cycling Forum).

When you are out on your bike, and especially in the sunny summer months, you can really feel like you are flying!

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