Saturday 14 January 2023

Two Blue Bridges and blue skies

 And so starts another year.  Our fifteenth year, by this summer.  Christmas and New Year long forgotten we met as always at Kingsway, adorned with or carrying in reserve plenty of waterproofs and overshoes.  We have had a lot of rain recently, the rivers are high, and some windy weather, so it is good to be prepared.

New photographer for us, as Rosie was not out but Sonia had been ferried in by her husband, so he kindly took some pics.  A good start to the new year; although we were two leaders down as one was not well and one had a small disagreement with a curb on her way and had to call home for a rescue - nothing broken you will be glad to hear.

A simple route out along the greenway, but coming off just before the first blue bridge (The Dragon Bridge) and heading along to pick up the river path.

When we got to the river, we were greeted by a watery sun brightening the day - quick get a photo before it goes again!

Our second blue bridge of the day is really quite majestic and takes us along to Queensferry.  A quick google tells me "The bridge was built by Sir William Arrol & Co. between 1925 and 1927. It takes its name from an earlier bridge on the same site which was completed in Queen Victoria's diamond jubilee year of 1897. The abutments of the old bridge are still visible at both sides to the left (facing north) of the current bridge." (Wikipaedia)  Grade II listed building.  Who knew!

After the bridge we took a left and around a few back streets to cross the main road in an underpass, which brings you out at the end of Sandycroft.  From here a long straight to the airbus factory on not a great road but there is little option, and a more winding lane after the little roundabout with cars still trying to go too fast.  It was OK this morning and before long we were turning in to the airfield and negotiating hangars (also with blue doors) to the cafe (Chocks Away).

The site is littered with old airplanes, and very interesting.  Sometimes, if you are very lucky, you may see the Red Arrows.

The return home was even more direct, heading to Saltney Ferry Bridge (not blue I'm afraid) along the river, around the racecourse, along the Groves, up to Boughton and along the canal.  I did take the opportunity of another 'blue' shot, which (with a bit of post processing magic) I can highlight the blues.  Just for fun!

18 miles covered, back home for just after 1pm.

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