Saturday 8 October 2022

Three card trick

 This year I have been following a photography challenge, with a new topic each week.  You will know from the blog I do take a lot of photos (what is posted here is a fraction of what I take!) and so it will be no surprise that I have woven this into my Fab ladies and some Sunday rides since January.  As the photo needs to be submitted by Sunday night, I am running out of time if I still have nothing by the weekend.

This weeks challenge is 'rule of odds', whereby an odd number of things in a photo is more pleasing to the eye.  Usually 3,5 or 7.  With that in mind, and a 'warning' to the riders, we set off into a wonderfully autumnal day.

9 Riders

Our destination was Tattenhall Marina, another new destination for us.  So we just took a straightforward route out to Huntington, Saighton and Bruera, crossing the A41 to come in past New Russia Hall.  

3 Calves

Near Bruera I spotted three little cows in a field.  I wish I had my 'big' camera and 'big' lens, but I managed to catch these little guys.

So sunny!  I had planned to head round to Tattenhall, but instead we went straight for the Marina as we had had quite a headwind.

The Marina opened in July 2009 (or thereabouts), and has become a secret favourite of some cyclists, and we were treated very well indeed.  We were welcomed in and they pulled two tables together in the middle of the cafe.  Table service included, we settled to a variety of breakfast dishes.

On another table a lady and a gentleman were practicing card tricks.  When Helen suggested a three card photo, I was hooked and (quite excitedly, I will admit!) popped over to their table and introduced myself.  The lady was more than happy to oblige, three 3's!  (another challenge a different time was 'photo of a stranger', sometimes the picture you take fits into a few challenges!)

3 boats (but a bit lost with the background boats)

We headed back through Hargrave, with one last photo opportunity - I was ahead of the gang and as I waited I shouted out 'come on you THREE'!  Ho ho we laughed (you had to be there I guess)

A little early autumn colour, blue skies and small fluffy white clouds.  A lovely morning out.

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