Friday 8 March 2019

What waterproof?

On our last Sunday ride it rained.  All day.

Now, I do not mind the rain, it is a thing we have and there is no getting away from it.  But I realised this day that my trustee Altura waterproof was no longer (waterproof, that is!), and within an hour of being home I had placed an order on a well known online shop (with whom I still had some vouchers).  I ordered a DHB pink one, size 16 (I am a 14) as I thought I would allow a bit of space.

Wednesday 6th March.

My new top arrives!  Brill! Just in time for our Wednesday evening ride.

However, although long in the sleeve ( I have quite short arms), it was so tight, with only one small short sleeved top underneath, that it will not do as a waterproof for winter rides, as I would be cold.  Who wears one short sleeved top and a waterproof in the winter?

So, back on the pc to order a larger size.  No, they do not go larger than a 16.  Great.

Online chat suggested the Altura Nightvision, in purple.  I love purple, and this had a lot of reflective panels, so should show up a treat on a dark winter night.  But the measurement sizing guide suggested I should be an 18.  Can I point out at this point that my yellow no-longer-waterproof is an Altura Nightvision size 12?  Just thought I would mention that.  Fits fine also.

So, back went the DHB, and along came the Altura.
Better fit, super long sleeves now, but should be OK with a top or three for winter rides.

I will also point out, these are supposed to be a woman's fit.  To fit a Woman.  I would expect like me.  With hips, for example.

Excited to wear it for the first time on our next Ladies ride.

But, despite the description saying "impressive breathability battles to fend off sweat" I noted that I was wet inside the jacket.  It was not a particularly cold day, I had a short sleeved top and winter top and we had been cycling quite slowly, as I led the slower group.  We had ridden 16 miles at a steady average of 10 mph.  Not fast, and not enough to work up a sweat.

Back went the purple Altura.

Our trusty local bike shop had no alternatives. I continued with my yellow top, as it was (slightly) better that nothing.

In the end I got an Altura nightvision again, but now size 16.  does the job, although sadly no longer has the zipped vents in the sides, which was useful.  When will cycle clothing manufacturers actually look at the size and shape of British women?

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