Saturday 14 July 2018

Magical Mystery Tour

I was likely to be away in July, and we had originally planned the 7th for our ride; however, more leaders were free on the 14th, so we changed the date.  

In the end, I was actually still here on the Saturday, so I went with a friend to the candle factory - I did check the cafe first and no-one there; although someone did turn up so not sure how we missed each other.

Leading was delegated to Sharon, Sonia and Jane and Gill.  They dutifully took a start up photo:

...and I think we had 21 riders.

Sharon says (on facebook) - The weather was glorious and everyone very kind, as I made them ride through some wrong roads.  

Now Sharon has a nickname 'Dora' (the explorer!)

Some photos Sharon shared:

And this must be the 'wrong road'..!!!

Animals at Rose Farm...

[apologies for layout of the photos, I have very little control over this platform]

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